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You Can Also Get 2 Units Of This Clear Zone Blind Spot Mirror For ONLY N12,000 (Save N13,000)

Standard Side View Mirror Have A Limited Field Of View That Create Dangerous Blind Spots!

CLEAR ZONE Dramatically Increases Your Field Of View And Clearly Reveals Vehicles Hidden In Your Blind Spots!

Blind spot clear zone


You Will NEVER See This Again

  • Wide-angle convex design lets you see three lanes of traffic.
  • Fully adjustable design eliminates a range of blind spots.
  • Installs quickly on your existing mirror.
  • Makes backing up and parking in tight spots easy.
  • Easily adjustable for a customized view.
  • Build to last and stay up in place.
  • See up to 3 lanes at a time.
  • Tough and durable design stands up to the elements.